Our Services

Our Services

Among the host of services provided to the migration aspirants at Visa Consultants are processing, application and filing services. All our expert visa consultants are highly experienced and are aware of the latest trends in migrations to various countries.

All the visa experts at Visa Consultants come with years of rich experience in filing different kinds of visa and immigration applications to a number of high demand countries. They are well versed with the entire process and are in a great position to help you through any doubt that may arise in your mind. They make sure that all the required documents are arranged in order and are filed as per the requirement in the most appropriate manner.

The immigration processing department at Visa Consultants is among the best in the world. Our well equipped and highly professional research team goes through each and every profile at length and make sure that they are aligned according to the latest rules and regulations valid in the different countries.

The application can be filed under a number of categories. You are free to either apply independently or get yourself sponsored by a relative or an overseas employer or by the country of your choice.

If your occupation is in high demand in the country of your choice, you may fetch bonus points and can expect a faster processing. This list of occupation changes according to the country.

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Some of the most common immigration categories include

  •   Skilled independent.
  •   Skilled family sponsored
  •   Skilled designated area sponsored
  •   Skilled regional / provisional / state / territory sponsored